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I am Whole: Macrobiotic Bowl
29 Dec 2015

Cafe Gratitude: Vegan Friendly

LITTLE ITALY.  Cafe Gratitude is open, and if you haven’t yet eaten there, you are missing out.  It is a 100% organic, plant-based restaurant that has some of the most […]

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Vegan Lasagna
23 Jun 2015

Civico 1845: Vegan Friendly

  LITTLE ITALY.  I can’t remember the last time I ate at an Italian restaurant.  In general, Italian food just doesn’t invite vegan modifications — there are too many cream sauces, […]

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Piece of vegan "Veggie Me" pizza
26 Aug 2014

NaPizza: Vegan Friendly

  LITTLE ITALY, 4S COMMONS, and OPENING SOON IN HILLCREST. I am always on the look out for places that serve vegan pizza.  After all, is there anything better than […]

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Vegan Cous Cous Salad
10 Apr 2014

Enoteca Style Wine Bar: Vegan Friendly

  LITTLE ITALY.  Are you bored with your lunch and dinner routine?  Perhaps, you are on auto-pilot eating uninteresting sandwiches and salads.  If so, it’s definitely time for you to […]

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Tray of Vegan Chai Donuts
30 Oct 2013

Donut Bar: Vegan Friendly

  DOWNTOWN.  Donut Bar understands vegans need donuts too.  So even though Donut Bar serves the traditional favorites (including apple fritters to celebrities – see below!), it always offers at […]

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Vegan Ginger Sesame Tofu With Rice
08 Sep 2013

The Mission: Vegan Friendly

  NORTH PARK, DOWNTOWN/LITTLE ITALY, and MISSION BEACH.  Every table occupied?  On a Wednesday afternoon?  After my visit to the Mission, I understand why. We started with the Vegetarian Roll-Up […]

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Vegan Half and Half Bowl from Vitality Tap
25 Aug 2013

Vitality Tap: 100% Vegan

  DOWNTOWN/LITTLE ITALY.  You might walk by Vitality Tap without noticing it.  But that would be a mistake.  Because Vitality Tap, though it is tucked away inside a Nutrition Zone […]

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Vegan TJ Burger from Queenstown Public House
18 Aug 2013

Queenstown Public House: Vegan Friendly

  DOWNTOWN/LITTLE ITALY.  General rule: a “pub” is the same thing as a “public house.”  Exception to the rule:  Queenstown Public House, which pairs its drinks with thoughtful dishes in […]

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Charred Spicy Kimchi Ramen Bowl (vegan style) from Underbelly
07 Jul 2013

Underbelly: Vegan Friendly

  LITTLE ITALY.  Arsalun Tafozoli and Nathan Stanton have a good thing going in San Diego.  They create restaurants with character, unique décors, and creative menus that bring loyal followers.  […]

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Vegetarian Tasting (vegan style) from Seasons 52
16 Jun 2013

Seasons 52: Vegan Friendly

  LA JOLLA/UTC and DOWNTOWN.  I usually avoid eating at malls (see the True Food Kitchen post!).  However, Seasons 52 is well worth a trip to the mall.  The restaurant […]

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Vegan Tofu Fajitas from Pokez
09 Jun 2013

Pokez: Vegan Friendly

  DOWNTOWN.  Vegan Mexican food can be difficult to find.  Especially downtown.  Most Mexican restaurants rely on greasy meat and cheese for taste and flavor.  Pokez proves that these fat […]

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Happy Vegan Salad from Tender Greens
03 Mar 2013

Tender Greens: Vegan Friendly

POINT LOMA, UTC, and DOWNTOWN (new!).  Is there a restaurant that makes delicious food on an assembly line? Yes, and it is called Tender Greens. Born in Los Angeles, the […]

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