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Tray of Vegan Chai Donuts
30 Oct 2013

Donut Bar: Vegan Friendly

  DOWNTOWN.  Donut Bar understands vegans need donuts too.  So even though Donut Bar serves the traditional favorites (including apple fritters to celebrities – see below!), it always offers at […]

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Bee Free Honee on Spoon
28 Oct 2013

Bee Free Honee

Are you a vegan who fondly remembers the sweet taste of honey? Vegan honey is no longer relegated to the realm of daydreams.  Katie Sanchez, the creator of Bee Free […]

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Pumpkin Butter Cookies on Cookie Sheet
23 Oct 2013

Vegan Pumpkin Butter Cookies

I don’t know of a better fall activity than getting cozy in my apartment and baking a pumpkin treat.  So once I had whipped up pumpkin butter (see previous post: […]

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Pumpkin Butter with Spices
22 Oct 2013

Vegan Pumpkin Butter

Pumpkin butter’s festive taste and intoxicating aroma make it a fall classic.  It can be smeared on toast or muffins, eaten out of the jar with a spoon, or used […]

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Bee Green Butternut Squash Rito
20 Oct 2013

Bee Green: 100% Vegan

  LA JOLLA.  If you were a celebrity, would you hire a vegan chef to prepare all of your meals?  If you are nodding your head in agreement, it’s time […]

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Chocolate Walnut Maca Balls
16 Oct 2013

Melinda’s Maca Balls

Chocolate treats that are good for you?  Count me in!  Melinda’s Maca Balls are an organic, vegan, raw, snack bursting with rich, chocolate flavor.  And there is one teaspoon of […]

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Vegan Fried Chickun Waffle Sandwich with Macaroni and Cheese and Jambalaya
15 Oct 2013

Southern Fried Vegan BBQ: 100% Vegan

  Sure, vegans like to eat veggies and fruit but sometimes you want something you can sink your teeth into – something sinful, sweet, and perhaps even fried!  When this […]

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Pile of Vegan Brazil Nut Parmesan Cheese
13 Oct 2013

Vegan Brazil Nut Parmesan Cheese

Fun fact: on average, Americans eat 23 pounds of cheese each year.  And it’s my guess that the ubiquitous Parmesan cheese accounts for a fair share.  After all, it is […]

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Mound of Vegan Cane Sugar
10 Oct 2013

Vegan Cane Sugar: Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value

Isn’t Cane Sugar Always Vegan? Cane sugar comes from a plant, so it must be vegan, right?  The answer is “not necessarily.”  Some sugar companies use bone char – cows’ […]

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Veggie Grill Cheeseburger
09 Oct 2013

Veggie Grill: 100% Vegan

  Veggie Grill Sign   LA JOLLA/UTC and CARLSBAD. Could a vegan enterprise be the darling of corporate America?  Yes, according to Forbes.com, which recently added Veggie Grill to its […]

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Vegan Granola Falling Out of Mason Jar
07 Oct 2013

Vegan Granola: Part One (of Two)

Autumn in San Diego is somewhat misleading.  The sunshine feels more intense, because the marine layer is strangely absent.  The wind can feel warm, because the Santa Ana’s are blowing.  […]

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My People's Breakfast Plate
06 Oct 2013

OB People’s Organic Food Market: Vegan Friendly

  OCEAN BEACH.  Since 1972, People’s Co-Op has been ground zero for vegans.   It is a 6,000 square foot, member-owned vegetarian co-op (anyone can join!) in Ocean Beach.  How important […]

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Caveman Foods Water Kefir Original Flavor
04 Oct 2013

Ann Payne’s Caveman Foods

Never heard of water kefir?  Neither had I, until I ran into Caveman Foods at a food expo in Los Angeles.  Caveman’s booth was a shining beacon of health cutting […]

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Unwrapped Core Defender Meal Bar
02 Oct 2013

CORE Defender Meal Bar

People love bars.  Protein bars, snack bars, energy bars, and meal replacement bars are just a few of the options available for purchase.  Bars are convenient.  You can eat one […]

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Hemp Seeds Close Up
01 Oct 2013

Home Made Hemp Milk

    Do you have to give up milk if you are vegan? NO!  Absolutely not.  Non-dairy milks are delicious, and the options are quickly multiplying.  We now see milks […]

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