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Donut Bar: Vegan Friendly

Donut Bar Sign

DOWNTOWN.  Donut Bar understands vegans need donuts too.  So even though Donut Bar serves the traditional favorites (including apple fritters to celebrities – see below!), it always offers at least one vegan option.

Donut Bar Menu

Donut Bar sits on a quiet block in Downtown, but the word is definitely out.  If you are planning on grabbing a donut before heading to work, be ready to wait!  It is part of the experience.  While the line moves forward, you can examine all of the donuts.  Donut Bar focuses on presentation, so the time passes quickly!

It was in this line that I first glimpsed the Vegan Chai Donut…

Tray of Vegan Chai Donuts

The donut was thick and cakey.  The chai icing was sweet with warm spices.  And the whole thing was gone before I left the building.

Vegan Chai Donut

On my next visit, I tried the Vegan Matcha Green Tea donut.  Although I often drink Matcha as a tea, I was surprised to see it used as an ingredient for a frosting.

Matcha Green Tea originates in Japan and is made from ground green tea leaves.  It has high levels of antioxidants and helps to boost memory and concentration.  If you are want to know more about the health benefits of Matcha Green Tea, check out:


I’m sure you get more benefits from drinking the tea than eating this donut, but special treats get a free pass, right?  (I hope so anyways.)  I’m looking forward to having another one soon!

Vegan Matcha Donut

And there can be no donut post without a chocolate donut.  So I began monitoring Donut Bar’s Facebook page.  Eventually, the Vegan Chocolate Donut appeared on the menu, and I made an emergency phone call to Tom, who works downtown.  This is a nice perk.  Later, Tom came home with two donuts: (1) a plain chocolate and (2) chocolate with almonds.  He “says” he bought two donuts because he didn’t know which one I would prefer.  I suspect he simply wanted more donuts.

Vegan Chocolate Donuts

Donut Bar’s ground floor is simple and utilitarian:  display cases of donuts and a cash register.  The upstairs is cozy, a place where people can sit down and enjoy their donuts and coffee.

Donut Bar Interior
Donut Bar Upstairs Interior

And if you are like me and have a weak spot for celebrity gossip, you will be interested to know that an assistant recently picked up an Apple Fritter from Donut Bar for Brad Pitt.  Donut Bar has now permanently renamed the Apple Fritter the “Brad Fritt-er!”


Donut Bar is open 7 days a week.  Monday through Friday, it opens at 7am.  Saturday and Sunday, it opens at 8am.  When do they close? When the donuts are gone, of course!

Ready to check out Donut Bar’s menu? Take a look at the Facebook page.

Donut Bar also takes special orders and is available for catering.

I hope you enjoy their donuts as much as I have!



631 B Street

San Diego, CA 92101