Wonderfully Raw Brussel Bytes and Snip Chips

Pokez: Vegan Friendly

DOWNTOWN.  Vegan Mexican food can be difficult to find.  Especially downtown.  Most Mexican restaurants rely on greasy meat and cheese for taste and flavor.  Pokez proves that these fat bombs are unnecessary.

Pokez has a huge selection of vegan dishes, including tortas, tostadas, burritos, tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, fajitas, salads, and breakfast options all day long.  Making a decision was tough!

But some traditions persist.  While perusing the voluminous menu, we munched on chips and salsa.

Before becoming vegan, enchiladas were my favorite Mexican dish.  So I ordered the Mixed Vegetable Enchiladas, curious to see how this traditionally cheese covered (or filled) dish could be made vegan.  At Pokez, the answer is two flour tortillas rolled around mushrooms, bell peppers, and onions.  The enchiladas were then smothered with a house made vegan red sauce (made primarily from chile, water, and flour).The dish did not disappoint.  The vegetables were not too oily, and the vegan sauce was mild but added significant flavor to the dish.

Next, we tried the Tofu Fajitas.  They arrived in two parts.  First, a sizzling platter arrived with tomatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms, and onions.

Second, we received an additional plate of tortillas (customers choose between flour and corn) and fajita toppings like guacamole, salsa fresca, rice, beans, and limes.  The highlight of the plate is the seasoned tofu, sliced in long pieces with maximum flavor.

One of my favorite parts about Pokez is the interior décor.  Stickers cover the front door, and a life size cut out of a person holding a taco stands in the entranceway alerting customers to “Please Wait to Be Seated.”  (Curiously, most people simply walk in and sit down.)  Add in the vibrant green walls and eclectic artwork, and you have a fun place to eat.

947 E St

San Diego, CA 92101