CORE Defender Meal Bar

People love bars.  Protein bars, snack bars, energy bars, and meal replacement bars are just a few of the options available for purchase.  Bars are convenient.  You can eat one on your way to work, snack on one between meals, or bite into one after exercising.  However, even vegan bars tend to be loaded with massive amounts of sugar and preservatives.  This is why I generally avoid eating them.  CORE’s vegan Defender Meal Bar is the exception.

Core Defender Meal Bar Front

CORE’s Defender Meal Bar is fresh and made from organic, whole foods.  The bars are free from syrups, salts, oils, and flours.  Aside from focusing on the quality of the ingredients used, CORE ensures that the Defender Meal Bar is nutritious.  Their goal with the Defender Meal Bar is to “carefully mix 5 organic plants to pack all 13 amino acids, plant fiber, and essential fatty acids into one balanced meal that maximizes longevity.”  If only all food companies focused on consumers’ health this much!

The CORE Defender Meal Bar comes in three flavors: (1) Raw Cashew Cacao, (2) Raw Almond Raisin, and (3) Raw Walnut Banana.  My favorite flavor, Raw Cashew Cacao, contains whole oats, cashews, raisins, flaxseed, cacao mass, water, and vanilla beans.  Finally, a bar that has ingredients I recognize!  The bar contains 12 grams of protein, 6 grams of sugar, and 370 calories.  And unlike other brands, the Defender Meal Bar keeps me full for at least 3-4 hours.

Ingredients CORE Defender Meal Bar

Because CORE uses whole food ingredients (no preservatives!), the bars have a shelf life.  The bars last for 1 week on the go, 2 months chilled, and 6 months frozen.

Core Defender Meal Bar Back

Can something this nutritious taste good?  The Raw Cashew Cacao Bar is substantive.  It tastes of oats, chocolate, and spices.  I’m always disappointed when I finish a bar.  And unlike other brands, it keeps me full for at least 3-4 hours.

Unwrapped Core Defender Meal Bar

You can feel good about supporting CORE.  CORE is a non-profit and a certified “B” Corporation – a certification given to companies that meet rigorous social, environmental, accountability, and transparency standards.  Check out the Accountability section of their website for a detailed summary of CORE’s finances and to view the certificates CORE has received in recognition of their efforts to offset carbon emissions.

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