Phil’s Power Pancake

I’m always on the lookout for new vegan products.  As I was purchasing a smoothie from my favorite juice shop, I saw Phil’s Power Pancake out on display.  Skeptical, I picked it up and began examining the ingredients.  I was pleasantly surprised… I recognized all of the ingredients! Instead of artificial flavors and preservatives, Phil’s Power Pancake included things like rye flour, oats, and fresh apples!  And besides being vegan, Phil’s Pancake was wheat-free as well! I decided I had to try one.

Power Pancake in Wrapper

I opened up the package curious about how it would taste.  Would it be possible to pack in 9 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber into a 260 calorie pancake and still make it taste good?

Power Pancake on Table

It turns out the answer is yes.  The pancake had a mild, sweet taste with cranberry flavor bursts and a cakey consistency.  The wrapper recommends toasting the pancake.   I think next time I purchase one, I’ll be sure to enjoy it at home so I can try it warm!

Power Pancake with Bite Taken Out

I came home ready to research Phil’s Power Pancake (I love finding out about new vegan friendly companies!).  It turns out that Phil’s Power Pancake is old school.  Phil Perota began selling his pancakes at the Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach in 1980!  I’m happy to have this company on my radar and look forward to trying one of the other flavors (the pancake also comes in chocolate chip, raspberry, and mango) soon!

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