Bee Free Honee

Are you a vegan who fondly remembers the sweet taste of honey? Vegan honey is no longer relegated to the realm of daydreams.  Katie Sanchez, the creator of Bee Free Honee, has created a wonderful vegan honey made primarily from apples.

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Why Isn’t Honey Vegan?

Vegans don’t consume animals (i.e. steak or chicken) or animal derivatives (i.e. milk or eggs).  Because honey is a by-product of bees, it is not vegan.  To learn more about vegans and honey take a look at:

Bee Free Honee

Bee Free Honee is made from organic apple juice concentrate, water, non-GMO/vegan cane sugar, and lemon juice.  Upon opening a bottle of Bee Free Honee, I was greeted by a delicious, sweet apple smell.

Bee Free Honee Bottle

I squirted some on a spoon and tasted it.  And then I smiled.  It tasted like honey with a hint of apple flavoring.  Definitely a sweetener I’d be happy to use in tea, on toast, or in baked goods.

Pouring Bee Green Honee

More Reasons to Love Bee Free Honee

Bee Free Honee is a family business based in Minnesota.  They only use apples grown in the United States and source their bottles and caps from Minnesota.  In other words, Bee Free Honee keeps things local!  And we all know that local sourcing is better for the environment.

How Can You Use Bee Free Honee?

You can use Bee Free Honee anywhere you would use traditional honey.  In fact, Bee Free Honee has a “recipes” section on their website featuring things like Vegan Granola Bars and Brazilian Honey Cake.

For more information on Bee Free Honee check out their website at: