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Bisogno Vegan and Gluten-Free Pasta

I have to confess I’m not normally a big pasta eater.  It’s a dish that I can take or leave and one that I usually leave.  What I consider “alternative” pastas (ie pastas that are more than marinara sauce delivery devices) are making me re-think my attitude towards pasta.  So I was intrigued to try Bisogno’s (based locally in Oceanside!) Lemon and Parsley Pasta.

The ingredients I eat matter to me and Bisogno’s did not disappoint.  Bisogni’s label proclaims that the pasta is gluten-free, grain free, vegan, and non-GMO.  Intrigued, I turned to the ingredient list and nutrition panel…

My cynical side that believes companies try to trick consumers with nutritional labels was immediately quieted.  Peas, garbanzo beans, and moong beans are all actually plants!  And I could pronounce all of the listed ingredients (no preservatives or artificial colorings here!).  I was also impressed that one serving provided 19 grams of protein.

I opened up the box and pulled out long strands of tan pasta, flecked with parsley.  After the pasta took a quick dip in boiling water, it was ready for a taste test.  The lemon and parsley flavors were present but not overwhelming.  The texture of the pasta was not exactly like that of traditional pasta.  It felt more substantial in my mouth (perhaps, because of its nutritional value!).  I strained the pasta and added my toppings — roasted squash, sweet potatoes, and a little bit of olive oil.

The resulting bowl of pasta was delicious.  And in my case it made a great a great post-workout meal.  A ton of veggies, plus the high protein content left me feeling full for hours!