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Coffee Cup: Vegan Friendly

LA JOLLA.  Coffee Cup is tucked into a sleepy section of the village in La Jolla.  But don’t let the quiet exterior fool you.  Inside, there is a small, bustling restaurant with excellent vegan options for both breakfast and lunch.  It fills up fast on the weekends, as the early to risers are hungry after their morning rides, surfs, and swims, and the late risers are hungry from . . . well . . . sleeping.

We started with the Muslix, a roasted grain cereal mixed with almonds, raisins and pure cane brown sugar.  It is topped with various fruits and berries.  Be sure to ask for soymilk to keep it vegan!

Coffee Cup’s Muslix is not a bland, boring cereal.  These are not the stale flakes that you might find at a disappointing motel buffet.  To the contrary, this cereal provides a pleasant crunch, it is not too sweet, and the fresh fruit and creamy soymilk round out a satisfying dish.

Next was Brian’s Special.  A scoop of brown rice and beans along with broccoli, avocado, green onion, and tomatillo sauce, served with two tortillas.  If you want to go big (as the Fussy Fork is prone to do), you can add marinated tofu.  It is too good.  Everything is cooked and spiced to perfection.  I end up ordering Brian’s Special every time.  It’s my not-so-guilty habit.

But I encourage you to explore the rest of Coffee Cup’s vegan friendly menu.  The staff is extremely accommodating.  Feel free to substitute tofu for meat or to request that cheese be left off a salad.  I’ve never received a dish that was anything less than delicious from Coffee Cup.

Coffee Cup is cozy on the inside, where most seats give a clear view of what’s going on in the kitchen.  And there is additional seating on the dog friendly patio!

And if the tofu at Coffee Cup looks and tastes familiar, that’s not surprising.  This place is owned by the same folks that run Isabel’s Cantina (review coming soon!) and Barrio Star (reviewed at: www.thefussyfork.com/vegan-friendly-barrio-star/)  Bottom line, these people take tofu seriously.

[caption id="attachment_1629" align="alignnone" width="609"]Interior Coffee Cup Interior Coffee Cup[/caption]

1109 Wall Street

La Jolla, CA 92037