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Uncle Steve's Sauces
13 Aug 2014

Uncle Steve’s Italian Sauces

We all know that the freshest, best ingredients are the foundation for high quality products. Uncle Steve’s Italian sauces are proof of this. For someone who grew up on Prego […]

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Justin's Logo
05 Mar 2014

Justin’s Nut Butters

Justin’s is my “go to” nut butter brand.  Why? Their products truly taste superior.  I didn’t think that I even liked almond butter until I tried Justin’s Maple Almond Butter.  […]

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Rejuvenative Foods Raw Sauerkraut
22 Jan 2014

Rejuvenative Foods Raw Sauerkraut

Have you ever tried quality sauerkraut?  Not the kind you find as a condiment on bratwurst in a football stadium.  I mean the real home made type made from fermented […]

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24 Nov 2013


If you think Nutella is the best spread out there, you obviously haven’t tried Rawmio’s nut butters.  Rawmio specializes in stone ground almond and hazelnut butters that are certified organic, […]

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Bee Free Honee on Spoon
28 Oct 2013

Bee Free Honee

Are you a vegan who fondly remembers the sweet taste of honey? Vegan honey is no longer relegated to the realm of daydreams.  Katie Sanchez, the creator of Bee Free […]

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Mound of Vegan Cane Sugar
10 Oct 2013

Vegan Cane Sugar: Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value

Isn’t Cane Sugar Always Vegan? Cane sugar comes from a plant, so it must be vegan, right?  The answer is “not necessarily.”  Some sugar companies use bone char – cows’ […]

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