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Sloppy’s Burritos: Vegan Friendly

Sloppy's Sign

HILLCREST.  Sloppy’s is tucked into a small strip mall in Hillcrest on 4th Avenue.  The menu is refreshingly simple.  Burritos, which can also be ordered as bowls (no tortilla), and salads (no tortilla plus some lettuce), are the cornerstone of the menu. Sides include blue or yellow corn chips, salsa, and guacamole.

One of my favorite things about San Diego is the abundance of avocados.  So, obviously, I love good guacamole.  Sloppy’s guacamole is light and smooth, and the corn chips are crisp, with a hint of salt.  A great snack while you’re waiting for your food!

Chips and Guacamole

The Vegan Delight has organic baked tofu, organic brown rice and black beans, grilled peppers and onions, organic romaine lettuce, organic guacamole, and salsa.  I tried the Vegan Delight as a burrito, which wraps the above ingredients up in a spinach tortilla.  The burrito was very satisfying—the tofu was firm and well seasoned, the beans and rice soft, and the lettuce crisp.

Vegan Delight Burrito

Sloppy’s also provides a home made hot sauce for those who like spice.  The big surprise – it has a smoky flavor, in addition to the expected spice.

Sloppy's Hot Sauce

We also tried the Vegan Delight bowl.  As you might imagine, it is equally delicious, maybe even more so, because there is no tortilla to undermine the freshness of the Vegan Delight’s ingredients.  It is the epitome of healthy Mexican food – ingredients that do not need the traditional “crutches” of cheese and sour cream.  They shine on their own.

Vegan Delight Bowl

The restaurant is modern looking with lots of silver accents.  And it is CLEAN!  The counter space and tables were all immaculately wiped down, and I swear I could see my reflection on the floor.  Tables on the outdoor patio are waiting for those who want to sit outside and enjoy their meal with a pet!  Also, the staff at Sloppy’s was incredibly friendly.  It was my first visit, and the server personified patience as she answered my questions.

Sloppy's Interior   Sloppy's Interior   Sloppy's Patio


3884 4th Ave

San Diego, CA 92103