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Sweet Petite Confections

Sweet Petite Confections Sign

Sweet Petite Confections Sign


I recently had the chance to visit Sweet Petite Confections and speak with founder, Michelle Lomelin and taste some of her amazing chocolates.  The first thing I noticed after walking through the door was the wonderful aroma of chocolate hanging in the air.  The second thing I noticed was how delicate and beautiful all of the chocolates looked.  I couldn’t wait to dive in!

Cherry Bomb Bark:

Michelle’s creations don’t just look beautiful.  They are melt in your mouth good with creative, unique ingredients.  For example, the Cherry Bomb Bark is 64% dark chocolate blended with organic freeze dried cherries and popping rocks!  For me, this chocolate brought back the nostalgia of popping rocks I enjoyed as a child with an adult twist.


[caption id="attachment_3246" align="alignnone" width="640"]Cherry Bomb Bark Cherry Bomb Bark[/caption]


Seaside Bark:

Next up, was the Seaside Bark, made with dark chocolate, crisped rice, and Hawaiian salt.  I could have eaten this for days.  The sweet and salty combination was perfectly executed.  And I loved the palm trees, shells, and starfish pattern on the chocolates!


[caption id="attachment_3247" align="alignnone" width="640"]Seaside Bark Seaside Bark[/caption]


Sunrise Bark:

Daisies happen to be my favorite flower, so I couldn’t help but be pulled to this chocolate, the Sunrise.  This chocolate has freeze dried strawberries and corn flakes mixed in.  Michelle said that her son originally came up with the combination and has been a hit ever since.


[caption id="attachment_3248" align="alignnone" width="640"]Sunrise Sunrise[/caption]


Tuscan Sun Bark:


Although I enjoyed all of the chocolate, the Tuscan Sun bark was my favorite.  Made with candied basil, sun dried tomato, Hawaiian sea salt, and toasted almonds, this bark kept my taste buds engaged.  The candied basil was aromatic and the salty flavor of the sun dried tomatoes played perfectly with the sweetness of the chocolate.  It was a savory experience that I would like to repeat!


[caption id="attachment_3249" align="alignnone" width="640"]Tuscan Sun Tuscan Sun[/caption]


Mint Meltaways:

If you’re looking for a tasty dessert to cap off a dinner or just a snack to get you through the day, you needn’t look further.  The Mint Meltaways are a vegan chocolate lovers dream.  Organic coconut oil and organic peppermint essential oils are wrapped up in these dark chocolates.  And as the name suggests, they really do melt in your mouth.


[caption id="attachment_3244" align="alignnone" width="640"]Vegan Mint Meltaways Vegan Mint Meltaways[/caption]


Sweet Petite Confections embraces holidays.  Currently, they are gearing up for Mother’s Day and graduation.  Below is a Mother’s Day lollipop that you won’t want to miss!


[caption id="attachment_3245" align="alignnone" width="425"]Mother's Day Lollipop Mother’s Day Lollipop[/caption]


Sweet Petite Confections is warm and inviting.  There are plenty of options out on display and you can always taste a few to see which chocolate matches your mood!




Sweet Petite Confections also offers chocolate making classes.  This is now occupying the number one spot on my list for my next birthday activity!


3582 Mt. Acadia Blvd.

San Diego, CA 92111


Eclipse Chocolate New Years Resolution Dinner

[caption id="attachment_1984" align="alignnone" width="640"]Eclipse Chocolate Sign Eclipse Chocolate Sign[/caption]


SOUTH PARK.  “There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.” – Linda Grayson

So Eclipse Chocolate is clearly a true friend.   Eclipse Chocolate understands that chocolate should not be confined to desserts, demonstrated by a menu that weaves dark chocolate into appetizers, entrees, and drinks.  But wait, it gets better.

Each month, Eclipse Chocolate offers “Supper Club” – a themed multi-course tasting dinner.  The themes change, but each Supper Club dish features chocolate, vanilla bean, or caramel.  Yes, even the savory dishes.  (Especially the savory dishes!)  And Eclipse offers wine or beer pairings for each dish.

Supper Club usually lands on a Friday or Saturday night.  Multiple seating times are available.  Reservations are crucial.  To reserve space, call (619) 578-2984.  A full calendar of upcoming Supper Club Events can be found at:


I attended the New Years Resolution Supper Club.  I owe a special thanks to Katherine and Sean for finding out about it and passing along the news.  So let’s get started . . .




I am an eavesdropper.  I eavesdrop.  It’s what I do.  Within minutes of arriving, I heard one of the servers talking about a Chocolate Chai tea.  Suspecting that chocolate tea in a restaurant specializing in chocolate was going to be pretty special, I ordered one.  I recommend it.  The tea has a rich, chocolate taste with a great blend of spices.


[caption id="attachment_1985" align="alignnone" width="640"]Chocolate Tea Chocolate Tea[/caption]




First, we shared the Avocado Street Tacos.  The mini tacos arrived (obviously way cuter than regular tacos), and we picked up the hickory salted corn tortillas that encased panko crusted fried avocados, vanilla bean pickled cabbage, and black bean pico de gallo.  The tart pickled cabbage and spicy pico de gallo added powerful flavor to the smooth and creamy avocado interior.  In short, the tacos were a perfect starter.


[caption id="attachment_1986" align="alignnone" width="640"]Avocado Street Tacos Avocado Street Tacos[/caption]


Eclipse Chocolate First Course:


Next was the black bean soup, made from roasted veggies, caramelized onion, and black beans.  Served with fried tortilla chips, pickled red onion, vanilla bean salt, and chive, this soup could stand on its own as a meal.


[caption id="attachment_1987" align="alignnone" width="640"]Black Bean Soup Black Bean Soup[/caption]


Eclipse Chocolate Second Course:


Eclipse Chocolate offered two options for the second course: (1) Spicy Farro Poblano; and (2) the Crispy Quinoa Fritter.


Spicy Farro Poblano:


Farro, roasted veggies, and kale spilled out of a spicy, herb roasted poblano pepper.  Eclipse drizzled brute cocoa mole on top.  The mole was amazing.   In my opinion, chocolate should be drizzled liberally on every dish!  Did I use my fork to scrape every last bit of it off my plate? Absolutely.  So how did they make the dish even better?  By adding a side of fried plantains, mixed with jalapeno peach salsa.  A truly special entrée.


[caption id="attachment_1988" align="alignnone" width="640"]Spicy Farro Poblano Spicy Farro Poblano[/caption]


Crispy Quinoa Fritter:


Then there was the equally delicious Crispy Quinoa Fritter.  The quinoa, bell pepper, and mushroom fritter stood on a polenta cake, served with hickory salted avocado.  The fritter was crispy on the outside, and hot and soft on the inside.  The same cocoa mole sauce drizzled the fritter, complete with the side of fried plantains and jalapeno peach salsa.


[caption id="attachment_1989" align="alignnone" width="640"]Crispy Quinoa Fritter Crispy Quinoa Fritter[/caption]


Eclipse Chocolate Third Course:


Finally, it was time for dessert.  If you’re judging me for grand indulgence, that’s completely reasonable.  I was full, I admit it.  But I made room for the Almond Toffee Sundae.  At the base, there was a grilled olive oil almond cake.  Sweet and mild. Then marcona almond and cocoa nib praline created a salty ring around the almond cake.  Finally, raw almond and cashew milk gelato – with coffee kahlua caramel – crowned the cake.  Wow.  I wish I could spoon feed this dish to every person who thinks that vegan desserts are somehow lacking.


[caption id="attachment_1990" align="alignnone" width="640"]Almond Toffee Sundae Almond Toffee Sundae[/caption]




I will be looking at Eclipse Chocolate’s upcoming Supper Club events with eager anticipation.  I can only hope that they will have another vegan friendly dinner in the near future.  I’ve also explored Eclipse’s regular menu and found that they regularly offer a variety of vegan-friendly options.  You can be sure I will be visiting again soon!  Expect a blog post about them in the future!



[caption id="attachment_1992" align="alignnone" width="640"]Interior Eclipse Chocolate Interior Eclipse Chocolate[/caption]


2145 Fern Street

San Diego, CA 92104