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Eco Nuts Box
01 May 2014

Eco Nuts Laundry Soap

Cleaning clothes with a berry? It turns out that it’s not as weird as it might sound! One of the most interesting companies I discovered during my visit to the […]

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Aerial View of Coco-Roons
18 Apr 2014

Coco-Roons by Wonderfully Raw

It’s no secret how much I love dessert.  My sweet tooth seems to know no bounds.  And so I am constantly on the look out for healthy desserts.  One of […]

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Traditional Medicinals Dandelion Teas
06 Apr 2014

Traditional Medicinals Tea

Do You Know What’s in Your Tea?   Tea drinking is ingrained in my routine – I drink anywhere from 6-8 cups a day.  I find tea soothing and love […]

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Open Jar Go-Lo Dark Hazelnut Spread
29 Mar 2014

Go-Lo Dark Hazelnut Spread

At the beginning of March, I attended the Natural Product and Food Expo in Anaheim, California.  It’s a time for companies — both those that are starting out and those […]

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Pure Bars
17 Mar 2014

Pure Bar

Big ideas can come from unexpected places.  One day, Veronica Bosgraaf’s six-year old daughter, Anna, visited a petting zoo and decided she wanted to be a vegetarian.  Ms. Bosgraaf perused […]

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Justin's Logo
05 Mar 2014

Justin’s Nut Butters

Justin’s is my “go to” nut butter brand.  Why? Their products truly taste superior.  I didn’t think that I even liked almond butter until I tried Justin’s Maple Almond Butter.  […]

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Mocha Maca Coconut Bliss
23 Feb 2014

Luna and Larry’s Coconut Bliss

Coconut Bliss proves that vegan ice cream is as good (or in my opinion better!) than the dairy options out there. This Oregon based company has created a delicious array […]

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HealthForce Protein Plus Powder
11 Feb 2014

HealthForce: Vegan Vanilla Protein Plus

Protein powders seem to be taking over supermarket shelves and not in a good way.  Many of the containers promise increased muscle and endurance using powders laden with chemicals and […]

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Phil's Power Pancake with Bite Taken Out
30 Jan 2014

Phil’s Power Pancake

I’m always on the lookout for new vegan products.  As I was purchasing a smoothie from my favorite juice shop, I saw Phil’s Power Pancake out on display.  Skeptical, I […]

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Rejuvenative Foods Raw Sauerkraut
22 Jan 2014

Rejuvenative Foods Raw Sauerkraut

Have you ever tried quality sauerkraut?  Not the kind you find as a condiment on bratwurst in a football stadium.  I mean the real home made type made from fermented […]

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