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Justin’s Nut Butters

Justin’s is my “go to” nut butter brand.  Why? Their products truly taste superior.  I didn’t think that I even liked almond butter until I tried Justin’s Maple Almond Butter.  Now I order four jars at a time online!  It’s great in oatmeal, on a banana, or mixed in with a smoothie!

Justin’s Nut Butters:

Justin’s understands that nut butter lovers have distinct tastes.  That’s why Justin’s has SIX different vegan varieties of nut butters:

      1. (1) Justin’s Nut Butter Maple Almond 16oz Jar
      2. Justin’s Nut Butters(2) Justin’s Nut Butter Almond Butter, Classic, 16 OunceJustin’s Nut Butters
      3. (3) Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter, 16 OunceJustin’s Nut Butters
      4. (4) Justin’s Nut Butter, Chocolate Almond Butter – 16ozJustin’s Nut Butters
      5. (5) Justin’s Natural Classic Peanut Butter 16 oz. JarJustin’s Nut Butters
      6. (6) Justin’s Nut Butter, Chocolate Hazelnut, 16 oz Jar

Justin’s ingredient panels boast delightfully simple lists.  The Classic Almond Butter is made from Dry Roasted Almonds and Palm Fruit Oil.  Two ingredients — Skippy and Jiff would try to make you believe such a thing isn’t possible!

[caption id="attachment_2239" align="alignnone" width="311"]Maple Almond Butter Maple Almond Butter[/caption]

I’m sure those of you who think fondly back on eating Nutella took note of #6 on the list, Chocolate Hazelnut Butter.  However, unlike Nutella, Justin’s uses all natural ingredients to make its dense, chocolately spread.

[caption id="attachment_2242" align="alignnone" width="325"]Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Chocolate Hazelnut Butter[/caption]

Click here for detailed nutritional information on all of Justin’s nut butters.

More About Justin’s:

Justin’s is based out of Boulder, Colorado and also makes makes delicious peanut butter cups (perhaps, they will be the subject of a future post!).  Justin’s is dedicated to making nut butters in small, quality batches and using organic, natural ingredients that are sustainably grown.

Justin’s is committed to giving back to the community.  The company fundraises, donates nut butters, and has employees volunteer to support their community partners.   Click here for more information on their efforts!

Other Things of Note:

It is definitely worth your time to check out the “Recipes” section on Justin’s website.  Who knew you could make almond butter hummus? Genius!

If you want to sample Justin’s nut butter flavors before committing to buying a jar, you are in luck — Justin’s sells small “taster” packets.   I recommend trying them all!  After all, how else would you know which is your favorite?