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Go-Lo Dark Hazelnut Spread

At the beginning of March, I attended the Natural Product and Food Expo in Anaheim, California.  It’s a time for companies — both those that are starting out and those that are established — to gather, network, and share their products.  I was meandering around the booths, when I was offered a sample of the Go-Lo’s vegan Dark Hazelnut Spread.  I quickly fell in love.  I then learned that in addition to being vegan, Go•Lo Dark Hazelnut SpreadGo-Lo Dark Hazelnut Spread is gluten-free, sugar free, kosher, made in the US, and is free from GMO ingredients!

I’m all about finding vegan foods that taste good.  So I am always on a search for new products.  Especially products that will satisfy my sweet tooth.  Go-Lo uses cocoa powder and hazelnuts for the the base of the spread and sweetens it with plant products.  The end result is a product that is both delicious and difficult to stop eating!

You might notice that the Dark Hazelnut Spread container in my picture below isn’t full.  That is because despite my admonitions to my husband to NOT to eat the spread until I had taken some photos, I arrived home one night to find him eating it out of the container with a spoon.  Since that time, he has been asking me when I would be taking pictures of the spread, so he can dig in without feeling guilty!

Whether you dip fruit in it, add it to oatmeal, use it as an ice cream topping, or simply eat it out of the container, Go-Lo’s Chocolate Hazelnut Spread will not disappoint!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I (and my husband!) have.

For more information on Go-Lo and their products, check out their website!