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Vegetarian Platter
13 Jan 2015

Khyber Pass: Vegan Friendly

  HILLCREST.  It can be difficult for a restaurant to shine in Hillcrest, a neighborhood known for having excellent food options.  Khyber Pass, however, offers up tasty Afghan dishes flavored […]

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Power Quinoa Salad
11 Mar 2014

Veggie Grill New Mindful Living Menu: 100% Vegan

  CARLSBAD and LA JOLLA/UTC.  Veggie Grill is pushing plant-based, whole food in an important direction – convenience.  The locations are carefully selected in high traffic areas, the service is […]

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Rama with Tofu
02 Mar 2014

Amarin Thai: Vegan Friendly

  HILLCREST.  Amarin Thai offers a wide variety of vegan appetizers, soups, entrees, and curries.  In short, it is a vegan’s paradise.  Amarin Thai is open for both lunch and […]

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Welcome to the Gulag
14 Feb 2014

Kafe Sobaka Restoran Pomegranate

GOLDEN HILL.  Looking to shake up your San Diego restaurant rotation?  Or perhaps the Sochi Olympics have made you more curious about Russian cuisine.  Either way, it’s time to try […]

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19 Dec 2013

Plumeria: Vegan Friendly

  UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS.  Plumeria is a vegetarian, Thai restaurant that offers a wide array of vegan appetizers, salads, entrees, curries, noodle dishes, and desserts.  I’ve received a number of emails […]

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Brian's Special from Coffee Cup
09 Dec 2013

Coffee Cup: Vegan Friendly

LA JOLLA.  Coffee Cup is tucked into a sleepy section of the village in La Jolla.  But don’t let the quiet exterior fool you.  Inside, there is a small, bustling […]

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Station Tavern Sweet Potato Fries
30 Nov 2013

Station Tavern: Vegan Friendly

SOUTH PARK. Call me pessimistic, but I don’t walk into burger taverns with high expectations for vegan options.  So thank you Station Tavern for proving me wrong.     Salad:   […]

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Veggie Grill Cheeseburger
09 Oct 2013

Veggie Grill: 100% Vegan

  Veggie Grill Sign   LA JOLLA/UTC and CARLSBAD. Could a vegan enterprise be the darling of corporate America?  Yes, according to Forbes.com, which recently added Veggie Grill to its […]

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Vegan Breakfast Burrito from Ranchos
22 Sep 2013

Ranchos Cocina: Vegan Friendly

  NORTH PARK AND OCEAN BEACH.  Long-time San Diego vegans know Ranchos.  Both locations feature a multitude of vegan options, including vegan pancakes, burritos, tortas, soups, salads, enchiladas, tacos, and […]

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Vegan Half and Half Bowl from Vitality Tap
25 Aug 2013

Vitality Tap: 100% Vegan

  DOWNTOWN/LITTLE ITALY.  You might walk by Vitality Tap without noticing it.  But that would be a mistake.  Because Vitality Tap, though it is tucked away inside a Nutrition Zone […]

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Vegan Delight Bowl from Sloppy's
11 Aug 2013

Sloppy’s Burritos: Vegan Friendly

  HILLCREST.  Sloppy’s is tucked into a small strip mall in Hillcrest on 4th Avenue.  The menu is refreshingly simple.  Burritos, which can also be ordered as bowls (no tortilla), […]

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Ultimate Vegan Burger from Veg-N-Out
04 Aug 2013

Veg-N-Out: Vegan Friendly

  NORTH PARK.  I have fond memories of foods like pizza, hotdogs, and hamburgers.  I associate them with the 4th of July, helping my dad grill, and outdoor summer parties.  […]

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Vegan Green Transcendence Wrap
21 Jul 2013

Naked Cafe: Vegan Friendly

  POINT LOMA, SOLANA BEACH, ENCINITAS, and CARLSBAD.  Naked food is good food.  Specifically, Naked Café offers satisfying dishes built from natural, whole foods.  Beans, greens, and rice play a […]

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Charred Spicy Kimchi Ramen Bowl (vegan style) from Underbelly
07 Jul 2013

Underbelly: Vegan Friendly

  LITTLE ITALY.  Arsalun Tafozoli and Nathan Stanton have a good thing going in San Diego.  They create restaurants with character, unique décors, and creative menus that bring loyal followers.  […]

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Vegan Stir Fried Vegetables from Saffron
26 May 2013

Saffron Noodles and Sate: Vegan Friendly

  MISSION HILLS.  The Saffron dynasty began in 1985 when Su-Mei Yu opened Saffron Thai Grilled Chicken, a restaurant focusing on . . . you guessed it . . . […]

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Vegan Lentil Burger from Ritual Tavern
19 May 2013

Ritual Tavern: Vegan Friendly

  NORTH PARK.  Ritual Tavern sits quietly on 30th Street in North Park with an unassuming wooden structure and a beautifully crafted sign.  There is no large awning with its […]

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Vegan Burger and Fries from Evolution Fast Food
07 Apr 2013

Evolution Fast Food: 100% Vegan

  BANKERS HILL.  Fast food that is good for you?  An oxymoron no longer, thanks to Evolution.   Located in Banker’s Hill at the corner of Quince Street and 5th Avenue, […]

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TCA Entree from Muzita Abyssinian Bistro
31 Mar 2013

Muzita Abyssinian Bistro: Vegan Friendly

  UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS.  Simple rule of thumb:  foreign cuisines venture into vegetarian and vegan dishes more often than the traditional American fare.  Tasty example in support of the rule:  the […]

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Andy's Vegan "TLT" from True Food Kitchen
09 Mar 2013

True Food Kitchen: Vegan Friendly

  MISSION VALLEY.  I am not a shopper. I can go months without visiting the mall. I especially avoid eating at the mall. Until now. True Food Kitchen has moved […]

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Happy Vegan Salad from Tender Greens
03 Mar 2013

Tender Greens: Vegan Friendly

POINT LOMA, UTC, and DOWNTOWN (new!).  Is there a restaurant that makes delicious food on an assembly line? Yes, and it is called Tender Greens. Born in Los Angeles, the […]

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