Southern Fried Vegan BBQ: 100% Vegan

Southern Fried Vegan Sign

Sure, vegans like to eat veggies and fruit but sometimes you want something you can sink your teeth into – something sinful, sweet, and perhaps even fried!  When this craving hits, I recommend locating the Southern Fried Vegan BBQ food truck!

I caught up with Southern Friend Vegan BBQ at Modern Times Brewery in Point Loma.  I arrived with some hungry friends, ready to eat and drink!  My friends’ plate arrived first, featuring two BBQ sliders, tater tots, and a side of collard greens.  Conversation ceased as they devoured their food (but I managed to snap a quick photo before they dug in!).  Later, with big smiles and full tummies, they would tell me that everything was “really good.”

Vegan BBQ Sliders with Collard Greens and Tater Tots

I love avocados.  And why shouldn’t they be the focus of a taco?  There’s no need to relegate them to secondary topping status!  Here, the fried avocados are a warm and creamy centerpiece.  Add some delicious tangy dressing and coleslaw and you have yourself a noteworthy vegan taco!

Vegan Fried Avocado Taco

Next up was my order: the Fried Chickun Waffle Sandwich with sides of jambalaya and macaroni and cheese.   The prize for the day went to the Fried Chickun Waffle Sandwich.  This dish arrived with a piece of “chickun” and creamy dressing lying on top of a waffle.  The sandwich was then doused in syrup.

I understand that Chicken and Waffles is a traditional southern dish, but I had never seen the appeal.  Why would chicken be good with waffles?  Now I know what all the fuss is about!  This sandwich was good.  Really good.  The combination of a soft waffle, sweet syrup, and savory chickun must trigger the happy place in the brain.   After the sandwich disappeared (and I had wiped the sticky syrup from my hands!), I finished off the tender macaroni and cheese and zesty jambalaya.  True comfort food.  I was blissfully lethargic for the rest of the day!

Vegan Fried Chickun Waffle Sandwich with Macaroni and Cheese and Jambalaya

Everything at Southern Fried Vegan is “made to order” – you won’t receive anything pre-made.   Quality can take time, so be aware that there can be a wait, especially if others have ordered before you.  But the food rewards patience.  While I don’t think the road to being a healthy vegan is paved with Fried Waffle Chickun Sandwiches, I do think it’s important – as a special treat – to enjoy true comfort food.  Thank you Southern Fried Vegan for filling a critical gap in the universe of vegan food!

Southern Fried Vegan BBQ Tent
Modern Times Brewery Interior

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