Luna Grill: Vegan Friendly

CARLSBAD, MISSION VALLEY, CARMEL VALLEY, HILLCREST, EASTLAKE, POINT LOMA, SCRIPPS-POWAY, POWAY.  San Diego county is lucky enough to be home to Luna Grill, a Near East and Mediterranean inspired chain of restaurants.    Don’t be fooled by the fact that this restaurant is a chain — the vegan dishes, many of which are made from scratch — are truly delicious!  And Luna Grill clearly designates which items on the menu are vegan, so you can easily order.

First up was the lentil soup, a delicious blend of lentils in a savory and flavorful broth.  It’s the perfect way to begin a meal or to stay warm on a cool day.

The next plate truly shined.  I first dug into the falafel drizzled with tahini.  The discs of falafel were soft, warm well-spiced, and not too oily.  And yes, Luna Grill grinds the chickpeas and sesame seeds to make the falafel and tahini from scratch.  After a bite of falafel, I moved on to the two types of hummus: regular and spicy (and yes Luna Grill also makes the hummus from scratch!).  The hummus was thick, smooth and paired well with the falafel and rice.  I will definitely be ordering the falafel and hummus on my next trip to Luna Grill.

The next plate boasted stuffed grape leaves, carrots, roasted veggies (green peper, mushrooms, zuchini, and onions), and salad with home made dressing.  It would be impossible to overstate how much I enjoyed these stuffed grape leaves — the citrus flavor blended perfectly with the spices.  I then moved on to the grilled veggies which were hot and tender — eating a serving of vegetables was never so easy!  I crunched on some carrots to cleanse my palate and then enjoyed the fresh greens and home made salad dressing.

Next up were the fries, regular and sweet potato.  Although fries don’t in my mind typify Near East or Mediterranean food, I appreciate their appearance on any menu!  And these did not disappoint.  They were crunchy with just the right amount of salt.  In fact, it was difficult not to eat them all!

The highlight of my trip to the Point Loma Luna Grill was the service.  Everyone was so friendly and patient while answering my many questions.  Luna Grill also has a bright, cheery interior with white walls, tables, and light fixtures that are accented by red chairs for those dining in.  It provides a great environment for those looking to grab a meal and catch up with friends.

Want to eat outside? Luna Grill has you covered.  There is an extensive patio area that provides plenty of sun and shade.  I hope you’ll enjoy Luna Grill as much as I did!


7825 Highlands Village Place

San Diego, CA 92129



2245 Fenton Parkway

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