Wonderfully Raw Brussel Bytes and Snip Chips


Emily Uhre — Editor-in-Chief

Three years a go, I left the east coast, moved to San Diego, and immediately conducted a Google search for vegan restaurants.  Failure.  I could not find a master list of good vegan food (or even cobble one together).  So I began a more traditional search — driving, walking, and eating my way through San Diego.

Months later, the search intensified when a friend — a connoisseur of burgers, tequila, and doughnuts — demanded to try something vegan.  A moment of curiosity, perhaps.  So he joined me for a meal, then another, and soon we had a standing date for weekly vegan lunches.  The rule was simple: a different restaurant each time, so long as it offered at least one vegan option.  And no matter how many times we sat down to eat, there were always new places to try.  As it turns out, San Diego is fertile land for vegan cuisine.  The trick is that many of the best plates are hidden on meaty menus, in unexpected places.

The Fussy Fork shares our discoveries and honors the local establishments that feature vegan dishes and inject them with creativity.  I hope this blog will be a valuable resource, whether you are “vegan curious” or a vegan veteran looking to add new restaurants to your rotation.

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